Treatment Costs

Trauma therapy (Somatic Experiencing, SE®)

110 euros

For accredited sessions for SE trainees within the SE training, the prices in your study book apply.

Grief counseling

95 euros

Systemic Family Constellations

Individual session
110 euros

Positive Birth-Recreation

Seminar: on request.

Participants have the option to spend the night in my office.
This process can take place either in individual sessions or in a group.
Depending on the number of participants, the seminar lasts 1.5 – 3.5 days.
Individual processes will require a person who takes on the role of the mother.

Initial orientation meeting

If you would like to get to know me first before deciding whether you would like to work with me, I can provide an initial orientation meeting free of charge. This conversation lasts about 20 minutes and is well suited to get a first impression of me and my room, as well as clarifying questions you might have about my way of working.

Missing an appointment / Cancellations

Should you be unable to attend an appointment for whatever reason, please cancel it two working days earlier, with 48 hours’ notice at the latest either by phone (answering machine) or email.
Any cancellation later than this will cost 50% of the fee.
For cancellation on the day of the appointment or no-shows who failed to cancel their appointment, the full fee will be payable.

My practice is an order practice, which means that only one person is appointed for each treatment appointment. That makes your time predictable for you. There are no waiting times. This principle of ordering practice ensures that the therapeutic conversations takes place in an optimally undisturbed, concentrated and quiet atmosphere.
When an appointment that is not canceled in time, I cannot give the slot to anyone else. Therefore, it comes to the cancellation fees.

Reimbursement of expenses for treatment by an alternative health practitioner (Heilpraktiker) by your health insurance

At present, treatment by an alternative health practitioner (Heilpraktiker) is to be paid for either out of your own pocket or will be covered by your private health insurance, if you have one. For those with [German] statutory health insurance, the treatment costs will not be covered by their health insurance. Since 2002, however, all statutory insurances offer additional modules via which you can also obtain cover for services provided by alternative health practitioners.

If you have obtained complementary insurance cover from a private health insurance cover of this kind, your insurance provider will usually cover 60–80 percent (in some cases also 100 percent) of your treatment costs. Depending on the insurance provider, monthly contributions are in a range between approximately 3 and 7 EUR for children, while for adults, they are between approximately 7 and 30 EUR depending on their age at the time of commencement and their gender.

If you are in a low-income or other difficult financial situation, please feel free to approach me about treatment costs.