Birth Trauma Work

„You need to be born for life“
Unknown author

Positive Recreation of one’s own birth: Feeling newly born

Experiences that we go through in utero — in the first stages of our life — are stored in the unconcsious and have an impact on our lives. They determine our feelings, thoughts and actions.

If we make ourselves aware of formative experiences that have previously blocked us in our lives and find a new way to deal with them, we can use them to evolve a strength that helps us reconnect with our life in a new way.

In this process of self-exploration, I use a holistic body-therapeutic approach based on the work of Ebba Boyesen, which involves re-experiencing one’s own time in utero and one’s own birth—from conception to the completion of the bonding stage, the initial phase of the mother and the child developing a connection after birth. Going through the physical experience of the process speaks to our cellular consciousness, helping our body to “remember” our experiences from this time.

Any negative or difficult experiences that might surface over the course of the process can be resolved via this approach, enabling a new positive experience to be stored in the cells and the nervous system. By experiencing them all over again, positive experiences released by the body can be perceived with even greater intensity: an opportunity to be “reborn.”

This process lends itself to being used by those who would like to take a closer look at their early life, and also for individuals professionally dealing with women during pregnancy and birth.

The Positive Recreation of one’s Birth can be used both in individual sessions and in groups.
Using it in the context of individual sessions requires a person who will take on the role of the mother.

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