Homeopathy: The gentle medicine

„Similia similibus curentur“
Samuel Hahnemann

Like cures like.

Behind this tenet is a discovery that Samuel Hahnemann happened to make more than 200 years ago based on a self-experiment with chinchona bark: He found out that chinchona bark, taken by a healthy individual, will trigger malaria-like symptoms, while in fact healing a very similar condition in malaria patients.

This marked the birth of homeopathy (Greek: homoios = similar, and pathos = suffering). The above phenomenon was found confirmed by Hahnemann for numerous other substances, who then developed a new cure based on this insight.
Moreover, Hahnemann considered that disease arises only if the life force has been weakened, meaning that the body’s self-healing forces are not fully available. He thus viewed disease symptoms as the organism’s way of indicating that the life force is out of balance.

The goal of homeopathy is to restore the life force or bring it back into balance respectively and thus to activate the self-healing powers. This way, a permanent healing process can be set into motion.
Accordingly, the point is not just to alleviate symptoms, but also to remedy the cause of a disease: to strengthen the weak spot and to heal the human being and to provide a permanent cure.

In order to restore the life force with the help of homeopathy, individuals need to be assessed meticulously and as a whole: their body, mind and soul. This way, disease symptoms not only play a role for finding a remedy, but also reveal patients’ inner being, their reoccurring or attendant symptoms, and their frame of mind as well as the cause of their “illness.”

The homeopath’s job is to ask the patient very detailed questions about the symptoms in order to establish what kind of remedy bears the greatest resemblance to them and will help the person affected by a disease recover—in full alignment with Hahnemann’s tenet: Similia similibus curentur (Similars cure similars).

Homeopathy can be used to treat acute and chronic conditions, physical and psychological illnesses.

It is a healing modality that can be used for babies, children and adults alike. It can be applied during pregnancy and by nursing mothers, since the remedies do not have any harmful side effects.
I use homeopathic treatment to complement other healing modalities.

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