Systemic Family Constellations

„By changing our present, we also end up changing our past.“
Thich Nhat Hanh

Quite frequently, we keep encountering similar painful situations and find we lack the strength to change them. When this is the case, it may indicate that we are subconsciously bound to the fate of others within our family system which keeps our life force bound.

Family constellation work is an approach that helps us become conscious of these ties.
Here, a solution-oriented viewpoint can help to generate a new, liberating image, which reconnects us to our life force, thus providing us with the opportunity to free and strengthen that which is inside of us.

Systemic family constellation work is an extraordinarily powerful way of creating self-awareness, an approach that became known through Bert Hellinger.

Its focus is on “constellating” an internal image of the family in the room (either in front of one’s mind’s eye or using representatives in the form of persons or objects). This approach helps to visualize the dynamics and bonds that exist within the family system and make them more tangible.

The bonds/dynamics that drain the person’s energy can then get dissolved with the help of solution steps, while at the same time strengthening the supportive bonds/dynamics.

This way, a “new” internal image is created, empowering us to claim our life force for ourselves. In this context, my focus is on embodying the new image to enable the cells of the body to integrate the new experience.
I place great emphasis on keeping a good solution in mind and discovering the joy of living in all its depth, again and again.

I offer individual constellation sessions in which I apply the methods of transgenerational trauma resolution based on Somatic Experiencing (SE)®, a body-oriented approach to healing trauma.

Family constellation in groups
At the moment I don’t offer constellation work in groups.

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